The Lord is the Master of our school

Book Fair Success!

After a week long book fair, and with the help of our wonderful parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents; Hyland House School raised a total of £705 !!! Because we raised this much we received £363 on free books for our School! Thank you to everyone who attended and helped at our Book Fair 2017!

Macmillan Hot Beverage and Reading Morning 2017!

Macmillan are a charity of supporters, professionals, volunteers, campaigners and people affected by Cancer. For many of us cancer will be the toughest fight we ever face. That’s why we need people like you to help make a difference. On Friday 29th September 2017, Hyland House School came together with the parents, grandparents, aunties and […]

Summer Fete 2017!

It’s that time again, Hyland House School Summer Fete. Save The Date            

Empty Classroom Day!

Outdoor Classroom Day This is a day to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. On Thursday 18 May 2017, thousands of schools around the world also had lessons outside and prioritise playtime, Hyland House School was one of them. The children worked well having their lessons outside. They enjoyed lessons such as Literacy, Reading, […]

Hyland House School Gives Birth !!!

Hyland House Gives Birth Hyland House School gives birth! On Monday 24th April, Hyland house School were visited by the ‘Happy Chick Company’. They brought 14 eggs, an incubator and 2 brooders; along with the feed (Chick crumbs) and wood chip for the bedding. After placing all the eggs in the incubator on Monday and monitoring […]

Hyland House raises £160 for Red nose day

This year for Red nose day, Hyland House children and staff decided to wear red to raise money for Red Nose Day, Comic relief. Red Nose Day unites the entire nation in trying to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people across Africa and the UK who are facing terrible injustice or […]

Hyland House rates 5!

We are excited to announce that Hyland House School have received level 5 in their food hygiene rating according to the Food Standards Agency.   Once again, our children are privileged to receive a 5 star quality service for their lunch. real viagra online pfizer viagra price in pakistan order cialis online with prescription […]

Sustainable Travel Award

We are proud to announce that Hyland House School has been awarded a Bronze Star accreditation for being active in travel and having a great knowledge of road safety which makes a huge contribution to the life skills of our children. We have received a plaque star and certificate, which can be found displayed in […]

A real life working experience!

The children at Hyland House School enjoyed the day working at KidZania, taking part in over 60 different activities. Kidzania is an indoor city built just for children. It is designed to empower children and give high educational value that the children can gain during real life working experiences.     The children learnt to save money […]


The children of Hyland House School showed their tenacious spirit for fundraising, when they collected over £500 in aid of ADRA-UK. ADRA-UK, the Church’s favourite charity, visited Hyland House School earlier this year to promote fundraising to an assembly of young students. The pupils attentively listened as ADRA-UK listed the many ways that children, though […]

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