The Lord is the Master of our school


Below is a list our teachers and the classes they are responsible for.

  • Miss Karen Clarke – EYFS Coordinator
  • Ms Chelsea Tuitt – Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs Gemma Asafo-Adjei – Early Years Practitioner
  • Mrs Jennifer Smith – Year 1 Teacher
  • Mr Tencho Zapryanov – Year 2 Teacher
  • Mrs Jessica Lemonius – Year 3 & 4 Teacher (Deputy Head)
  • Mrs Jennifer StLuce-McKenzie Year 5 & 6 Teacher
  • Mrs Zandrina Roudette – Mealtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Lawanda Mansukani – Mealtime Supervisor
  • Mrs Laura Blackman – Mealtime Supervisor
  • Ms Natalie Ballaram – Office Assistant
  • Mrs Vanessa Bashorun – French Tutor
  • Mr Alan McKenzie – Caretaker
  • Mrs Antoinette Reid – Office Administrator
  • Mrs Gina Abbequaye – Head Teacher




GOD… Grant me wisdom, creativity and love.
With wisdom may I look to the future and see the effect that my teaching will have on these children, and thus adapt my methods to fit the needs of each one.

GOD… Grant me wisdom, creativity and love.
With creativity may I prepare new and interesting projects that can challenge my students and expand their minds to set higher goals and dream loftier dreams.

GOD… Grant me wisdom, creativity and love.
With love may I praise my students for jobs well done and encourage them to get up and go on when they fail.

Lord, reveal yourself through me.